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What We Believe at Quinton Park (QP):

The Bible is the word of God

The Bible, and Jesus, show us who God is, what His plans are, and how we should live. We study and apply the Bible so that get to know God better, become more like him, and work out his will for our lives individually and as a church.


Salvation through Jesus.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God - He lived a perfect life, died a sacrificial death and rose again. He did this to show us that God loves us, and wants us all to be able to live in relationship with Him. When we turn our hearts to God (repent), say ‘sorry’ for the things we do wrong (‘sin’) and place our faith in Jesus, we find forgiveness, peace and hope for the future. We live in relationship with God, and he changes us.


The Holy Spirit is God’s power at work in our lives.

The Holy Spirit guides us, comforts us, and empowers us (individually, and as a church) to live as authentic disciples of Jesus Christ. We embrace the gifts He gives and want to be more open to the Spirit’s leading. We allow Him to transform us from the inside out.


We baptise someone once they believe.

Baptism usually involves being fully immersed in water, as a public declaration of faith in Jesus, and a sign of our commitment to follow Him. (We don’t baptise babies, but we hold a service of thanksgiving for them).


We regularly share Communion.

We share bread and wine as symbols to remember Christ’s sacrificial love, and our unity as His body, the Church, and every believer is welcome to join us.


Every Christian is gifted.

We believe that every Christian, regardless of age, gender, or background, has a unique role and gifting. We encourage and empower every member of our church family to use their God-given talents, passions, and resources to humbly serve God, and others.


The Church as a Community of Love and Mission.

We believe that the Church isn’t the building, but the community of believers. This includes all believers, in every church. As followers of Jesus, we are all called to love God, love one another, and love our neighbours, which means everyone. Our role is to work together to humbly serve those in need, both within our church and in our local and global communities, showing them the love of God.We believe that everyone deserves to know the love of God, so we demonstrate God’s love through compassionate actions, and sharing the good news about Jesus. We want to be agents of change, partnering with God to bring His kingdom values to our society.


Christ in the heart of Cheylesmore

We believe we are called to work with other Christians to bring the hope, peace, and love of Jesus to this area of the city of Coventry – as QP, we are Christ, in the heart of Cheylesmore.


As a member of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, we share an understanding (called the Declaration of Principle) with over 2000 churches.

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